Types of content marketing for real estate agencies

Content marketing in any industry has a wide range of different ways that it can present itself. Real estate content ideas come in a few different flavors. Here are some options that you can incorporate into your business model:

General educational content

A broad category includes sharing educational content with your target customer base. If you’re targeting homebuyers, then you might share content that dives into the home buying experience, what to look for, what to avoid, and what real estate agents do during the process.

A lot of people on the internet don’t know the information that you do. This is your opportunity to show your experience in action and present content that teaches people about real estate and keeps things interesting.

If you publish an article that lifts the curtain and tells the reader more about what you do, then they’ll trust you. You can convert a reader into a client pretty easily once you establish your knowledge of the industry.

The secret is to keep this type of content within your industry. Talking about different types of coffee won’t attract the right people, so you want to stay on brand.

Market analysis

When you do market analysis, you might want to put your findings together. Make an easily-digestible piece that the everyday person can understand. We buy houses in Chicago IL

This type of localized analysis can get heavily shared within your region. Most people don’t know about their local real estate market, so your insight can help them make a decision.

Home maintenance tips

Putting together home maintenance tips is a great strategy if you buy or sell homes. You’ll be put in front of people who own a home. If that’s your target audience, then this is great news.

These types of tips can be pretty universal, so you can address a broad audience that can later convert into clients. It’s also a topic that many people need help in.

When a first-time homeowner encounters a clogged sink, they might take to the internet to try to find a solution before calling a plumber. This is where you can come in.

Video or pictorial walkthroughs

A big part of your business revolves around walkthroughs. One real estate content strategy is to create video or pictorial walkthroughs of the properties you have listed.

These walkthroughs give someone a cool way to tour a home, and they give you more traffic. These work well if you have a 3D virtual tour posted on your site.

An interested party can keep revisiting a walkthrough, and they can share it with family and friends to get their input. This boosts the views that you get and makes even more people familiar with your company.

After learning about these types of content, you might be wondering what they look like in action.

Real Estate Content Ideas to Get More Clients

Content marketing feels like it was made for the real estate industry. It revolves around shareable, interesting, and fun topics. Something as simple as a video walkthrough can become viral online if you do it right.

In this guide, we’ll tell you all about real estate content marketing. We’ll share some tips for success and even give you some real estate content ideas to get you started.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing refers to creating branded shareable material — such as blog posts, social posts, images, emails, or videos — with the hope of going viral and getting a lot of shares.

Even though your content should be branded, with content marketing you won’t be explicitly promoting your business. Additionally, you won’t be talking to a specific person – your content can be seen, and shared, by anyone on the internet.

Why does real estate content marketing matter?

Why should you spend any time considering content marketing ideas for real estate? Content marketing works, and it’s a huge deal in this industry. It’s a surefire way to build your brand, grow your sales, and connect you with more clients.

Demonstrating your experience

First and foremost, it shows your experience within your industry. When people are looking to buy, sell, or rent a home, they need a knowledgeable pro in their corner. If they stumble across your content, they start to view you as a viable candidate to help them.

This is also the leading reason why most real estate content ideas aren’t too “sales-y”. You’re not trying to solely sell someone on your services, you’re looking to first convince them that you know what you’re talking about.

Connect you with more people

The internet is a really big place. When you upload content to social media, you have the potential to connect with billions of people. That’s how many active social media accounts there are across the world.

Compare that to a billboard you buy on the side of a highway. It might get thousands of views in any given week. The order of magnitude is hard to comprehend when you talk about content marketing.

Every person that lays eyes on your online content can be a potential customer.

Build brand awareness

People’s real estate needs are unpredictable. You probably know by this point that someone uninterested in selling their home can be quickly convinced if you pitch them the idea correctly.

The bottom line is that you don’t know when someone will decide they need a high-quality real estate company. This is why brand awareness is so important.

Brand awareness is when someone associates a certain industry or quality with your company. For example, when you think of a coffee chain that’s high-quality, specialty, and highly-customizable, you might think of Starbucks. They’re a great example of brand awareness.

For your company, you want locals to immediately think of your name when they think about buying, selling, or renting a home.

By rolling out a successful content marketing campaign, you’ll build your brand awareness. People will start associating you with high-quality real estate knowledge. That eventually translates to people picking your company for their real estate needs.