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Penelope on the Irawaddy in Myanmar


Thank you for coming to my page. I spent years teaching some of the most trouble kids in our society, experimenting with the use of art, music and artistic activities to transform behavior and accelerate learning.  The results were amazing-but why? This began a number of years of research the purposeful use of art to transform. I have spoken at the Brain Expo several times regarding the results of my research and my own experiments.  I begin with this because this portal page will seem like it takes one into many directions: art-music-puppetry-ecology-photography-videography-creative writing and technology.  This is because I went in all of these directions in order to find the way to best reach and teach my students.  Although much of my teaching was with kids and teens in danger to themselves and others I found the techniques to be just as effective on kids and teens not identified as behaviorally and educationally challenged. I believe this is an important portal for educators, parents, artists and anyone interested in the betterment of our society.


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generally in the voices of rain forest, ocean, dinosaurs and farm animals and bugs.
Most of these songs Penelope wrote  for specific classroom lessons on
science, ecology, teasing, bullying and more. Great for listening tables.

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